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It wasn’t so long ago that retirement meant a pension and a gold watch, but today’s world looks much different than it did for generations past. The burden of retirement falls more heavily on the shoulders of individual Americans than it ever has before, but you don’t have to carry it alone.

New Generation Retirement® is a holistic approach to retirement planning. It consists of a five-step retirement planning system that we will work through together. Through this planning process, you’ll be confident that you have given careful consideration to asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning and tax strategies.


Why choose Oneill Asset Management

The New Generation Retirement System is based on three hallmarks of successful retirement planning: fiduciary, transparency and technology.

• Fiduciary
Providing you with a fiduciary level of service means we are legally bound to always do the right thing for you and your family by only offering strategies that serve your best interest. Our commitment to you as a fiduciary is also an assurance to act with transparency throughout our relationship.

• Transparency
Our commitment to transparency ensures that each step of our work together is recorded and that every document and report is easily accessible to you. This is visible through a strong foundation of technology.

• Technology
The right technology can make managing and organizing your retirement an easier process. When you partner with our company, you receive access to Generational Vault – a secure online portal that allows you to easily organize, manage and access your financial life. Generational Vault serves as the vehicle to document and record our commitment to act as a fiduciary and be transparent throughout our relationship.

1 Selecting a financial services professional

Step One explains the role of a financial services professional and introduces New Generation Retirement Planning.

2 Fact and feeling finding

Step Two encompasses thought-provoking questions about your financial well-being. It begins with the Color of Money Risk Analysis and incorporates the elements of discovery and client feedback.

3 Retirement Planning

Step Three allows us to craft a holistic plan based on your goals and objectives, which is accompanied by a formal presentation using the Color of Money, Social Security Maximization and Retirement Compass reports that allow us to engage in the important task of feedback prior to execution.

4 Solutions and executing

Step Four incorporates independent third-party research and solutions based on careful consideration of your asset allocation and risk, income planning, asset maximization, legacy planning and tax strategies.

This step is characterized by efficiency using forward-thinking technology such as electronically-generated and pre-populated forms with e-signature capabilities.

5 Ongoing relationships

Step Five addresses long-term client engagement and five-star service by providing you with unique technology and enhanced value-adds, such as Generational Vault, RFID Data Blocker cards, ByAllAccounts and Wealth Watch.

When you work with our company, each step is recorded in Generational Vault so you can be confident knowing that you have given careful consideration to every detail of your retirement plan.

Who We Are


Andrew O’Neill – President & Founder

Andrew O’Neill specializes in working with state employees and is approved to work in over 15 school districts in both Mid-Michigan and West Michigan. He has a wide array of income planning strategies for retirees and soon to be retirees. Furthermore, Andrew works with many churches and non-profits as he assists them in developing retirement plans that are custom fit for their individual needs.

In addition to holding his Life and Health Insurance licenses in the State of Michigan, Andrew currently does business as a Registered Representative in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Andrew has the sought after ability to make difficult financial concepts understandable to his clients.

Andrew enjoys staying active in his community and church, as well as spending time with his family.

*Tax Planning and Estate Planning though our Strategic Alliances.

Kyle Marburger – Vice President

Kyle Marburger is an investment advisor representative with O’Neill Asset Management, LLC in Indiana. Kyle takes pride in serving Indiana and Michigan residents and building long-term relationships with his clients.

After graduating with a finance major from Cornerstone University, Kyle joined the industry so that he could provide comprehensive financial plans and excellent service to his clients. Kyle is supported by a team of CFPs, CFAs, CPAs and investment product specialists that assist him in analyzing each client’s unique situation to determine the right tools and strategies for them.

He realizes that the investment world is an ever-changing industry, which is why he’s passionate about educating and helping his clients create plans to help them reach their financial dreams.



Ryan Bytwerk – Investment Advisor

Ryan Bytwerk earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Broad School of Business at Michigan State University in 2010. Since graduation, he has worked in the financial service industry helping to guide clients to a successful retirement. He is the owner and sole proprietor of RJB & Associates. Currently residing in Grand Ledge with his wife and two sons, Ryan serves clients throughout Michigan, as well as Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Ryan places high value in gaining a better understanding of what his clients are working toward. Striving to make complex financial concepts simple, it is his passion to educate clients and develop an individualized and potentially tax efficient financial strategy that best suits their needs. Working together, he assists in developing, implementing, and monitoring a custom plan to help you achieve your financial goals.



Travis May – Investment Advisor

Travis May is a registered representative and founder/owner of Paragon Planning Group, LLC in Battle Creek, MI. Travis takes pride in getting to know his clients’ financial dreams and creating a detailed long-term plan to help them achieve their goals.

Travis was a scholarship baseball player and graduated with a bachelors and masters degree from Western Michigan University. Travis spent 10 years as a teacher/coach and a middle school principal before making a career change to a financial advisor. Travis is supported by a wonderful team of CFPs, CFAs, CPAs and estate/tax attorneys that assist him in analyzing each client’s unique situation to determine the right tools and strategies for their individual situation.

Travis believes coupling his past educational career with his wealth of financial knowledge to help educate his clients and understand their plans is his greatest asset. In his career as a financial planner and wealth manager, Travis has been recognized as a Top 100 advisor, President’s Club member, and recognized by the National FIC as a Gold member for quality service to his clients.

Travis resides in Battle Creek, MI with his wife Amanda, sons Anderson (4) and Gibson (1), and their black lab, Ozzy. In his spare time, Travis enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, hunting, cheering on his beloved Detroit sports teams, and fishing on Lake Michigan.




4379 Donnely Road

Jackson, MI 49201




Dan Dyer – Investment Advisor

Dan Dyer was born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI. He attended college in Grand Rapids, MI where he lived for 10 years. He now lives in sunny San Diego, CA. He works with clients in both his resident state of California and his home State of Michigan as well as Texas, Illinois, Florida, and Georgia. Dan specializes in working with individuals and employees to help them understand their financial opportunities and plan for a brighter future. He has a passion for educating and empowering his clients to understand and execute on complex financial strategies. Dan also has a passion for health and fitness having lost over 80 pounds and maintained that weight loss for nearly two years, he enjoys learning and sharing about health and fitness daily.


Strategic Alliances



Justin Blouin

Is an accounting specialist with a background in financial and business advisory, financial reporting, and tax preparation. He holds two degrees from Grand Valley State University; a bachelors in finance and a masters in accounting. Spending several years in the banking and public accounting sectors has given him a deep insight and understanding of financial management, tax planning and preparation, and accounting systems and bookkeeping for individuals and businesses. His goal is to be an advisor to individuals and businesses and to help fulfill their needs and progress their businesses through his accounting and financial expertise. He looks forward to being an asset to the people of his community.



Meaghan J. Miracle – J.D.

Miracle Law PLLC

2401 Camelot Ct. SE, Ste. A
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
(616) 227-0870



Ashton M. King – Agency Owner Of Farm Bureau Insurance

P:616-527-1777 | C:517-582-4252 | F:616-527-7727

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Why did we become SmartVestor Pros?

We became SmartVestor Pros at O’Neill Asset Management because we strongly agree with Dave Ramsey’s investment philosophy. To win with money, you have to control your money. We teach our clients how to win and control their money to build wealth and create a legacy.


What is a SmartVestor Pro? We have a “client-first” approach where we are committed to educating our clients about their investments. We are Independent Investment Advisors – which means we are held to the highest fiduciary standard. As an Independent, we are able to offer any investment option, not just one company or one investment.


We help our clients win with money.
When working with us, we get on the same side of the table as our clients, and help them make non-bias decisions to win with their money.




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